Great Dog Bed Design Served in Various Awesome Unconventional Plans

Make your dog feel happy by gifting him the best dog bed design as his sleeping space. It can be the way to appreciate him for his obedience and also show our love to him. Find your best option from the Dogghaus’ Per Superfine design that is suitable with the personality of your dog. However, make sure that you pick out the right size according to your dog body so it will make him feel comfortable while resting his body.

Exquisite Milano Dogghaus Dog Bed Design with Bowl Like Shape and Spikey Wooden Legs Displaying Intriguing Pattern with White and Brown Colors 300x195   Great Dog Bed Design Served in Various Awesome Unconventional Plans

Extraordinary Giotto Dog Bed Design Displaying Spikey Wooden Legs with Unique Circular Design Made from Wood Element 300x290   Great Dog Bed Design Served in Various Awesome Unconventional Plans

If you look after a Chihuahua or mini pom, it is best for you to choose the Giotto which is the wooden pipe bed design that is furnished with the dark brown pad. The small structure of the bed allows you to arrange it even in your living room. Meanwhile, the small leg may ease your dog to enter the bed. When you have already a herder, pit bull, Siberian husky or Germany dog, you should select the big dog bed design ideas which is frame with the stainless steel construction and adorned with the bright red pillow.

The Milano Pink is more suitable for a female dog. It is because the half ball crack with black and white abstract pattern looks really feminine. Well, if you want to please your male dog with luxurious bed style, then you can choose the Garda Lux Mos that implies the black bed with ergonomic structure. It will show him how precious he is in your mind and you want to give the same lifestyle to your dog as you have.

Need a perfect relaxing space in minimalist design? Try to pick out the Firenze which is basically the snow white tufted couch with curvy style. It can be placed in your bedroom which makes him feels great. Those best dog bed ideas have already sold on the market.

Adorable Classic Furniture Style to Beautify Contemporary Apartment

When you feel bored with the contemporary room ornamentation inside your house, you are better to change it to a vintage decor which applies the classic furniture style. There are many adorable retro furnishing designs that will easily find in the home appliances depot. It can be the surprising element for your living space decor. The Vallejo Street Highrise that is one of the Candace Cavanaugh’s projects in San Francisco, California, may give you the inspiration about how to mix and match different vintage accent inside your home.

Eclectic Home Office Interior in Vallejo Street Highrise Design Line Construction with Classic Desk and Sleek Accent Wall 224x300   Adorable Classic Furniture Style to Beautify Contemporary Apartment

Elegant Vallejo Street Highrise Design Line Construction Dining Room in White Interior Decorated with Dark Dining Chairs 300x226   Adorable Classic Furniture Style to Beautify Contemporary Apartment

To accommodate the owner’s hobby of reading book, the architect displays the black painted classic book shelf unit in the living room. Since the structure of the racks is big, then it is attached to the wall directly to minimize the room using. The sofa selection may attract our attention so much. The home designer tries to combine the cowhide chair with ergonomic backrest with the classic American furniture style applies on the navy blue sofa. It is then furnished with the retro coffee table with animal foot shaped leg.

While glancing at the dining spot, you can find a very captivating room decor that is dominated with white nuance. The black classic dining chairs with animal printed pad are able to show something precious to the room. This eating spot is also decorated with the artistic chandelier which is installed in line with the fresh white chrysene on the wooden table.

The owner of this residence really loves the beautiful artwork. It can be seen from the displaying of abstract paintings in the family hall. Some antique room decors, such as the golden ashtray and table centerpiece add the classy look of the space. Another classic American furniture style is the black and white strip patterned of chairs which becomes the ornamentation for the guest receiving area.

Chic Modern Loft Decoration Designed with Minimalist Room Orientation

Dreaming about the modern loft decoration by almost every people becomes a common fact today. It is because the contemporary nuance of living space may fit to the urban lifestyle that dominates people day recently. The IF-(untitled) Architect applies the same idea to decorate the Palco-My Loft in Athens, Greece. Mainly, all of the room inside is furnished with the all white themed ornamentation concept which may rise up the spacious impression.

Extraordinary Palcomy Loft Ifuntitled Architects Decoration Design in Concrete Interior Featuring a Set of Drum and Beautiful Wall Decor with Ethnic Style Decorating 200x300   Chic Modern Loft Decoration Designed with Minimalist Room Orientation

Gorgeous Palcomy Loft Ifuntitled Architects Concrete Interior for Open Dining Room with Wooden Table and Acrylic Dining Chairs 300x200   Chic Modern Loft Decoration Designed with Minimalist Room Orientation

Since it is constructed close to the industrial complex area, the architect tries to get the same aura by installing the rustic wooden beams. In addition, some stainless steel pipes are also attached to the high wall that accentuates more the mood that want to be established. The modern loft decorating ideas are then completed with the contemporary white sectional sofa in the living lounge. The spot lamps become the main lighting for this space that delivers the nuance as if you are in a stage.

As the modern apartment design, this residence also adapts the integrated room style which arranges the dining space right behind the living hall. Especially for this spot, there is displayed the transparent fiber glass dining chairs with different backrest design and the long wooden desk. A pendant lamp is installed above the desk to light this eating area.

Talking about the decoration indeed cannot be separated from the furniture application. Back to the living room, the architect tries to spoil the owner a lot by displaying the tufted sleeper sofa and then completing it with the unique rectangle woodsy table and bright green furry rug. In the meantime, you have the easy access as well to grab your cooking book collection while processing the food as the artistic book racks are arranged close to this area. This modern loft decorating ideas pictures may inspire you so much.

Contemporary Duplex House Type by Applying Prefabrication Structure

The Ekali Residence in Ekali, Athens, Greece is typically a perfect duplex house type. This property is accomplished by ISV Architects in 2012 by applying the minimalist home design. Utilizing the prefab construction, makes this living space gets the modern aura so much like the other urban home style. You can enjoy a big pleasure time in there since the fair weather every time allows you to do some outdoor activities in surrounding the house.

Contemporary Ekali Residence Isv Architects Exterior Design Featuring White Paint Color and Concrete Element Surrounded by Fresh Green Yard 300x300   Contemporary Duplex House Type by Applying Prefabrication Structure

Dramatic Ekali Residence Isv Architects Staircase Design with Steel Baluster Creating Impressive Visual Effect Accented by Concrete Wall 300x300   Contemporary Duplex House Type by Applying Prefabrication Structure

This residence is completed with concrete courtyard that has the function to maintain the private nuance for the habitants. So, that is why you do not have to feel worry to see by other people while doing sun bathing or family picnic at the grass lawn. The most adorable idea of this duplex style house design is the prefabrication square building that is applied to the second level of the house. The front rectangle construction is functioned as well for the cantilever of the outdoor terrace. It may shade the space from the direct sunlight heating.

You can see the amazing view from this building part. It is because the architect furnishes it with the glass wall which indeed gives the easy access for anyone to see outside without any obstruction. Another interesting decorating idea that can be your inspiration is the round shaped ornamental plantation. This floral decor is managed beside the concrete outdoor stairways that finally deliver the eye catching impression.

At the rooftop, you may see that the architect places many natural river stones on it. It can be the best space to do reflexology in your own house. Try to swim in the large pool under the nice weather. It will make you feel healthy for sure. So, which part of the duplex style house plans that attracts your attention and becomes your ideal home decor?

Eclectic Country Home Decor Inspired by Weekend Residence in Healdsburg

Situated in Healdsburg, the Weekend Residence looks very captivating with its country home decor. The architect of this property, Bevan Associates tries to apply the eclectic house ornamenting style to give the eye catching impression to the entire spot of the room inside. We may know that this living space indeed delivers the comfortable aura for everyone who lives in there. The surrounding neighborhood also supports the relaxing atmosphere which is far from the crowd of town.

Astonishing Weekend Residence Bevan Associates Bedroom Interior Featuring Purple Four Poster Bed with Floral Bedding and Warm Beige Interior Color 300x200   Eclectic Country Home Decor Inspired by Weekend Residence in Healdsburg

Beautiful Weekend Residence Bevan Associates Exterior Design Employing Wooden Wall Exterior with Concrete Accent Surrounded by Natural Environment 300x200   Eclectic Country Home Decor Inspired by Weekend Residence in Healdsburg

Mainly, the architect applies the high finishing hardwood floor for this dwelling home. It creates the rustic look for the whole side of the house, moreover when it is combined with the wooden beams. The country chic home decor itself is more defined for the displaying furniture. The dark brown fabric sofa is given the colorful accent for the middle part of its pads. This pattern then has the same deliberation with the yellow cushion that is arranged on the broken white leather couch.

In the cooking area, the architect decorates the wall with the wall mounted rack which is painted in clear white tone. This space can be used by the owner to keep the cooking seasoning and appliances. Right below it, you may see a minimalist kitchen cabinet set with knob is integrated with the big stove and stainless steel cook top. The architect also furnishes the room with blonde wooden kitchen island.

This residence will impress you so much by its adorable lighting concept. Like in the dining space, you may find an epic pendant lamp which is reinforced with black iron frame becomes the most vibrant room decor. In the meantime, the lamp application for the living hall is the built in light that makes the country chic home decor ideas get the glowing effect, especially in the night time.

Captivating Unique Home Designs Painted with Clear White Color

What do you think about this Asahikawa Residence which applies the unique home designs? It looks very adorable, doesn’t it? Yup, trying to implying the minimalist private home to the clients, Jun Igarashi Architects has successfully made this living space different from the other neighborhood home building. This residence is constructed in the middle of the grass savanna which is situated in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Exhilarating Space Divider Design Idea for Asahikawa Residence Jun Igarashi Architects Interior Design Featuring Steel Painted in White Contrasting Wood Element 300x225   Captivating Unique Home Designs Painted with Clear White Color

Extrarodinary Minimalist Asahikawa Residence Jun Igarashi Architects Home Exterior Design with White Wall Exterior and Simple Shape Surrounded by Green Yard 300x225   Captivating Unique Home Designs Painted with Clear White Color

The selection of bright white painting color for the entire house exterior wall, make this property looks really focal and vibrant. It is such a perfect blending between the manmade projects with the amazing natural landscape. The wall of this unique small home designs is ornamented with some small windows that have the function to circulate the air every time. In the meantime, there is a special door that becomes the main entrance access of this lovely home. The architect then plants so many plantations that will shade the house construction in the future.

Applying the same decorating concept, the home interior decor also dominated with all white nuances. It creates the spacious impression for the room inside as well as delivers the bright atmosphere. However, to avoid the monotone view, the blonde wooden furniture and ceiling are deliberately arranged for this house decor. Look at the dining room that is managed right under the open roof. The natural sunlight can make the wood surface looks shining and may also hamper the growth of the fungi.

As the way to go upstairs, you need to climb the white spiral stairs with steel railing. The application of this stairs style has the intention to economize the space using compare to the utilization of the regular type. To complete the adorable ornamentation, it then displays the fresh floral plantation for the unique small home plans which is put inside the terracotta vase.

Minimalist Triplex House Plans Decorated with Woodsy Wall Cladding

The triplex house plans is basically very identical with an urban house. This residence type usually becomes the living space for the multi family. It is because many rooms available in there can be fit to some habitants. The Cycle House in the Mount Baker which is accomplished by Chadbourne + Doss Architects will be a perfect picture about defining the best three story home building.

Comfortable Outdoor Lounge in Cycle House Chadbourne Doss Architects Deck Overlooking Water View with Cozy Wooden Lounger 300x224   Minimalist Triplex House Plans Decorated with Woodsy Wall Cladding

Contemporary Wooden Exterior for Three Leveled Cycle House Chadbourne Doss Architects with Glass Windows to Accent 257x300   Minimalist Triplex House Plans Decorated with Woodsy Wall Cladding

Willing to define the residence with the classic look, the architect attaches the exterior wall with the blonde wooden cladding as well as the dark brown painted wall cover. To get a more impressive look, then the some parts of the house facade is then painted with the solid black painting. After that, the triplex house plans designs is beautified with the bright yellowish lighting concept that makes the wood surface looks more shining. Have the intention to observe this residence? So, you should climb the small concrete stairways.

The architect managed the house garage at the underground level. It makes the residence looks simple and maximizes the living area in the upper level. In the meantime, the second and three levels are used as the dwelling area which is furnished with the glass windows on each wall. Have a pleasure time inside this house is not an impossible thing as every second you can enjoy the panorama, even when you are cooking.

In the kitchen area itself, you may see that the architect displays the long glossy bright red dining table along with the wooden chair. It is used as the spot to have a meal and drink. Yet, if you want to have a glass of wine in the romantic night, you can do it on the dark brown painted kitchen island with clear white quartz countertop. This multi family house plans really maintain the private nuance inside which allows you to do whatever you like without any other bothering.

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