Luxurious Rustic Contemporary Design with Magnificent Wood Decoration

If you think rustic design only creates a classic look, think again because this rustic contemporary design can look luxurious too. The exterior of the hotel features the swimming pool that is designed to be playful and create a bluish ambiance at night. All of the seating areas, including on the terrace, are facing this important view, making it the focal point of the outdoor area. The rustic wood is used for the deck and boardwalk crossing certain part of the swimming pool.

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The interior of this rustic contemporary design style look spacious with high ceiling. The wood panels on it are combined with certain structures of rustic timber that look like some pieces of fence. The panels and rustic structure create an artistic look on simple light brown walls as the background. The center of the ceiling also has circular structure of wood surrounding a magnificent chandelier. The dark brown wood has contrast look with the sparkling lights from the chandelier.

Under the magnificent ceiling, there’s a seating area just in front of the fire place. The warm colors dominate this area, ranging from red, maroon, brown, orange, grey, and black on the couch and carpet. The couch has rich traditional pattern in these colors, making it look unique. Some cushions with the same patterns and colors serve as decorative items. The table is made of a big tree’s root, with a glass top to feature the amazing texture underneath.

On one side of the walls, the floor to ceiling fire place has wood panels arranged in diagonal way. The base of the fire place uses wood element in softer texture. The rustic contemporary interior design also has a focal point on the floor in form of circular wood panels that looks different from its striped background with regular pattern.

Stylish Black And White House for Dramatic Look on Interior Design

If you like simple but stylish home decoration, this black and white house can give you some inspiration. It’s amazing how simple color combination like black and white can create a dramatic look on a design. In the living room, for example, the floor is clad with wooden black panels. All other items are white, except for the TV table and the fire place. The most artistic look that this room has is when the black floor meets the white stairs that look like floating in the air.

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The kitchen also has the black and white house decor. Here, all of the kitchen cabinets are white, while only certain spots are black, for example the sink, oven, and stove. Even though almost all white, the kitchen cabinets look luxurious with the square pattern it creates. For an accent, the kitchen area applies green and white wallpaper with floral pattern on the wall above the stove. This splash of green creates a fresh look to the black and white background.

There’s a surprising design at the stairs area. It has some little room for sleeping. It has only a simple bed. However, because the stairs lead to glass panels on the ceiling and we can open them inside out, this little room can serve as a reading nook also. The white stairs has also the design we can admire. It has an artistic look with spiral model. However, it doesn’t have any fence. It looks like floating the air, circulating the center pole.

The interior of the room applies modern home decor. The furniture looks simple, in tune with the simple color combination. However, because this is a loft, there are some black poles supporting the ceilings. However, the modern black and white house decor integrates those poles as part of the interior decor.

Wooden Summer House Design for Pleasant Stay During Vacation

If you love a warm little house for your place to stay during your vacations, this summer house design might be perfect for you. It consists of four volumes facing each other on a green grass area. At the center courtyard, there’s a seating area that can make a great place for the family to gather. Most of the house is made of wood or clad with wooden panels. However, some parts of the outer walls apply zinc clad to protect the house from the harsh weather.

Fabulous Summer House Jarmund Vigsnaes Design in Outdoor Space with Small Contemporary Home Decoration Ideas

Fantastic Summer House Jarmund Vigsnaes Design Exterior with Contemporary Home Style and Wooden Deck Flooring

Incredible Summer House Jarmund Vigsnaes Design Exterior with Contemporary Home Style and Green Landscaping Ideas

The summer house design ideas apply two kinds of finishing for the interior’s wooden element. The floors and furniture have wooden panels that still show the original color and pattern of wood, while the walls and ceilings apply white panels that no longer have the wood pattern. All of the wooden furniture has the original light brown color, while other non-wood items are in white. The white color creates a simple background for the artistic look of the wooden panels.

The color combination of white and wooden brown makes the not so large room look more spacious. In addition, the ceilings of the house have a big glass panel to make sure the natural light illuminate every corner. The house also provides big windows to let the fresh air entering the room. They allow the house to integrate the outdoor greenery into the interior decor.

The living room and dining area have different heights which makes the dining area look like being located on a deck. A wooden book shelf serves as the room divider. This area is dominated by white and light brown just like another room, but it has grey chairs surrounding the dining table as some accents. The summer home design ideas also integrate natural decorative items like flowers and ceramics.

Artistic Wood Clad House to Create a Warm Look Among the Mountains

Located in the Alpine area, this wood clad house has the interior of a wood cabin. It has not only lots of wooden furniture, but also applies wooden cladding for the walls, ceiling, and floors. In each room, the wooden element is combined with white walls and ceiling, creating a spacious look around the house. The interior is dominated by neutral colors to highlight the color and texture of the wood element.

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The wood clad house design has various types of clad finishing. For the tables, shelves, stairs, and floors, the texture of the wood is smooth even though the wood pattern is still obvious. The walls and ceilings in the indoor swimming pool area are wood paneled. The little battens of wood have different shades of brown, creating an artistic look for the room. They look even more dramatic at night, with good lighting on the right spots creating triangular trace of light on the panels.

At a part of the house, the wooden book shelves along the wall are applied to the hallway that is facing the glass windows. The space has both function and beauty. Half rows of the book shelves are overhead, and the other half is on the floor. The space between them, which is the top of the lower shelves, is the room for the window and serves as the reading table. The rows of lights on the ceiling create the trace of light on the white wall and wooden floor.

Another part of the house that has an artistic look with the lights featuring wooden element is the stairs. You need to put the lights behind the stairs to create this dramatic effect. Combined with the view of the snowy white mountain, the interior wood cladding creates a warm ambiance for the entire house.

Majestic Floor to Ceiling Windows to Integrate Nature to the Interior

If you like a house which is pretty much exposed to your surroundings, the floor to ceiling windows might give you a big help. With the triangular facade made fully of glass panels, this house looks tall and majestic, especially with the reflection of trees on it. Another part of the outer walls are clad with brown zinc panels that look contrast with the glass.

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Marvelous House Vdv Graux Baeyens Architects Design Exterior Decorated with Contemporary Decoration Ideas

The floor to ceiling windows house also looks majestic from the inside with black and white decor and the shiny transparent glass. In the living room, for example, the white walls and ceiling are combined with white couch, creating a spacious look. The beige floor is covered with light grey area rug. A table with glass top is in tune with the glass walls surrounding the room. A wooden fire place in black serves also as room divider with the dining area which also has black and white decor.

In the bedroom, the structure of the house which has sloping roof is highlighted by the application of black curtain as room divider. The curtain has contrasted look with the white walls and ceiling, also with the bed which has black, white, and grey striped bedcover. The dominant colors of the house interior are black and white, with different shades of grey as accents.

In tune with the use of glass walls to integrate the natural view outside, this house also applies natural element like wood and stone for the floor. They also have neutral colors that fit in the interior decoration. The house adopts modern style of home decor. It has plenty of strange structures of the walls or ceilings, but they maintain the clean lines that are the characteristics of a modern house. The floor to ceiling windows house plans also has a winding hallway just inside the glass walls.

Fabulous Modern Black House in Open Plan and Black Wall Exterior

The ONG&ONG, renowned architectural firm, created the modern black house that has location in Singapore. From the outer side, we can see many of vegetation like big trees, bushes, and green grass. This greenery is located near the swimming pool area. Therefore, we can see the combination between green and blue natural colors in relaxing atmosphere. If we notice the wall exterior, black becomes the main color neutralizing the whole outdoor design.

Charming Kitchen Design of 45 Faber Park Ongong Displayed with Glossy White Counter with Unique Barstools with Orange Ornaments

Cozy Rectangular Swimming Pool Design with Wooden Floor Deck at 45 Faber Park Ongong for House with Concrete Wall Exterior

Compelling Wall Exterior Building of 45 Faber Park Ongong Deisgned with grey Wall Panels and Glass Windows for Second FLoor

This 45 Faber Park is modern times black house built in open plan concept. Glass is significant material which plays a big role in this residence. This happens because it will connect the room with outdoor environment. Besides that, natural sunrays can reach every house corner easily. Residents can also enjoy the breeze on the terrace made from the brown wood decking. Designed in two story house plans, upper floor is completed with the glass and steel fences.

As we get inside the house, we will see the modern room design in neutral color palette. The living room for example, has black sofa set decorated with brown patterned pillows. There is also rectangular glass table placed at the center of the room. Concrete becomes the main material of the house. Some part of the wall is not painted but left in its original grey feature. Other walls are built in wood paneling, stone, or marble material. This makes the house looks even more attractive!

There is spiral staircase in elegant accent connecting the first and second floor. White and brown become the main colors of this construction. This staircase is constructed next to the glass wall. One unique design in this residence is the green grass decoration at the second floor’s balcony. We will feel as if we are not in the upper floor, but ground. This house design is very inspiring. You can also put the black house numbers modern at the front wall of this residence.

Superb Waterfront House with Plenty of Outer Glass Wall Constructions

In this opportunity, we discuss about waterfront house that was created by Surefield. This house project has location in Seattle, Washington, United States. Built very close to the water landscape makes this house has its own charm. This residence has green outdoor terrace created by using the green grass decoration. There is also wood decking where we can enjoy the breeze of the good weather. This way, we can get our mind and soul become fresh because of the relaxing scenery.

Charming Kicthen Applications at Waterfront Residence Surefield with two Set Wooden Cabinet and Modern Kicthen Appliances

Chic Bedroom Situation in White and Blue Wall Paint at Waterfront Residence Surefield with Striped Brown Bedding Set and Artistic Wall Paint

Compelling Interior Deisgn with Tufted Chairs Ideas  and Wooden Coffee Table at Waterfront Residence Surefield wth Glass Wall Design

Wide glass windows are constructed almost all of the house’s outer wall so that residents can see the outdoor landscape without any visual barriers. The rectangular windows also have no frames to support this house concept. Because of this reason, natural sunrays will be able to reach every room easily. Room becomes bright and gives good effect for the resident’s health. See the living room, this guest space is ample decorated in contemporary furniture. The orange steel fireplace is also built in this waterfront homes for sale.

If you are interested with this residence, feel free to contact the architect to know more about the price and its details. This is really a house that can be a good investment because of its breathtaking views and comfortable interior design that won’t regret you. Furniture is also chosen in high quality materials and styles. Almost all rooms have connection to the sea panorama. You can see the ocean and blue skylines every time you want! What an incredible living space it is!

If we walk further to the bedroom, we can see the bright and cozy resting place. Neutral colors become the main color paint completed with wide glass windows. You can also see the sea from the other angle view. Bed, chair, and rug will accompany you to get rest after the busy day activity. In this luxury waterfront homes for sale, there are also children room in cheerful interior decoration.

Spectacular Rectangular House with Wide Outdoor and Indoor Concept

Central de Arquitectura planned the rectangular house that has location in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico. The house has spacious outdoor area consists of the swimming pool area, terrace, and patio. Many vegetation are grown at the house surrounding giving fresh and natural home environment. Concrete becomes the main material of the house in grey color scheme. The roof is built in flat design which shows a modern building concept. Let’s have some tour in this awesome residence!

Compact Exterior Building Structure of House Reforma Central De Arquitectura from Painted Grey Cocnrete Wall and Spacious Terrace

Cozy Outdoor Swimming Pool Design in Rectangular Style of House Reforma Central De Arquitectura with Wooden Deck incldued Lounge Seats

Dazzling Interior Appearance of House Reforma Central De Arquitectura with Brown Dresser Cabinet with Dark Puffed Chairs Design

At the pool area of this House Reforma, some of the floors are constructed in wood decking while other parts are in black ground design. There are also lounge chairs with pillows where residents can enjoy the breeze after swimming. Lay on this chair and drink a glass of orange juice seems very interesting, right? At the other side of the house, we will see the green yard with some bushes and trees. It is also completed with the pond with white stone decoration. This rectangular house design is very amazing.

Get inside the house, we will also see the ample room in luxurious interior concept. Some of the rooms are built in glass construction for its outer wall. This way, residents will be able to interact with the outdoor house environment. Besides that, the air and sunlight can expose every room easily so that residents will not feel stuffy. Furniture have different styles to complete this interior decoration. There are also velvet tables and chairs in elegant design.

In this residence, we will also find the reading room built in transparent glass wall. Black and grey become the main color in this room where residents can read or do some work quietly. If we explore more into the bathroom, the glamour accent can be felt so strong there. Luminous and gold accents are used to create the elegant bathing space. This modern rectangular house design is such a dream house for you who want the spacious living space.

Incredible Geometric House Decor with Some Glowing Accent Designs

Designing the interior by using the geometric house decor will make the room becomes attractive. Lidija Dragisic, the well-known architect, created the house project with this kind of styles situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This house was constructed in 2013 in the concept of modernity. White and brown become the most used colors in this residence with some glowing accents. It is made by using the lighting effect for some part of the wall. This decoration can be a good inspiration in designing the interior!

Charming Bedroom Design at Geometric Residence Lidija Dragisic Decorated with White Bed on Wooden Couch under Unqiue Wooden Cabinet

Cute Living Room Design at Geometric Residence Lidija Dragisic Designed by two Grey Sofas wth built in Shelves Designs in White Wall

Cute Red Wall Art Decoration on White Wall with Floating Shelves Design at Geometric Residence Lidija Dragisic Workdesk Ideas

Starting from the living room, we will see the elegant room design. One side of the wall is built by using some glass doors and windows. Through this glass construction, natural sunlight will be able to expose the house interior easily. This way, room looks bright and it can minimize the use of electricity. It means that the house is eco friendly, right? The grey sofa lies among this neutral interior palette. This color is suitable with the black accessories located on the white shelf of geometric home decor.

Behind the living room’s sofa, there is dinette made from the brown wood material. This table has the same style as the house flooring and located among the white sleek kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen is designed in all-white feature with a little black accent. If we walk further, we will also find the quiet working room. There is white desk completed with computer. The bookshelf is also made to place some book collections there. One side of the wall is decorated by using the red painting.

Move again to the bedroom, elegance can be felt so strong in this house area. There is one chandelier attached to the white ceiling. Above the white bed, there is wooden shelf to place some books so that residents can read it before or after sleeping. Long white subtle curtain covers the windows that can be opened or closed easily. This building in geometric shapes home decor is very interesting and awesome.

Artistic Grey Wall Design with Plenty of Accessories in Eclectic Style

The 2Scale Architects created house with grey wall design that has location in Houston, Texas, United States. This house project is called as the Lyke Residence. From the front facade, the house has classic view with sloping roof and wide patio. Many vegetation like the trees, bushes, and flower plants create natural atmosphere around the house environment. There are also cement pathways among the greenery to reach the terrace of the house. Keep reading to know more about this house!

Decorative Bedroom Design of Lyke Residence 2scale Architects with Purple Bed on Wooden Couch Decorated by Wall Art Decorations

Entertainng Exterior House Appearance of Lyke Residence 2scale Architects for two Story House wth White Wall Design and Cone Roof

Exquisite Dining room Area at Lyke Residence 2scale Architects Decorated with Glossy Wooden Table and Chairs with Beautiful Colorful FLowers

At the other side of the residence, we will see the open plan room next to the swimming pool area. This pool looks very inviting and will accompany you whenever you want some exercise. Built among the grey flooring with some bushes and plant pots makes this pool area feels natural. Take a peek into the interior, it is decorated in eclectic design style. Grey is the color dominating the interior together with some brown accent. This color combination of grey wall interior design can be an inspiration for us in making a home plan.

If we notice the wall, a lot of decorations create an eclectic atmosphere. Decorative stuff like the sculpture, tribal mask, wall painting, etc, brings an artistic touch in attractive living space. Living room is located at the corner of the room besides the brown dinette. This dining table is surrounded by some chairs. The table and chairs have the similar style made from the wood material. Over this table, there is awesome chandelier created from the glass and steel in grey color scheme.

Near the wooden table, there is kitchen as the place for preparing some food. Grey and white are the schemes used there. Grey kitchen bar has some stools and crystal pendant lamps which make the design becomes elegant and glamour. This house with grey wall living room interior design also has bedroom decorated in grey, white, and blue color features.

Opulent Contemporary Apartment Living Room with New Furnishing Concept

Kyle Spivey Designs are the creator of the contemporary apartment living room which is located in Los Angeles. It looks glamor with the white and black combination. The dark brown floor color is warm and neutral among those modern apartment decorating. The living room is equipped with velvet black sectional sofa and white upholstered swivel chair with random black motif. The rounded coffee table is low and maybe the material cover is made of melamine.

Incredible Residence Kyle Spivey Designs Interior in Bedroom Space with Vintage Wallpaper in Modern Decor Ideas

Incredible Residence Kyle Spivey Designs Interior Used Minimalist Modern Furniture with Grey Yellow Bedding Style

Interesting Residence Kyle Spivey Designs Interior in Dining Room Decorated with Modern Furniture and Rustic Chandelier

The dark furry rug is also applied on the wooden floor and it looks cushioned. The black dark olive curtain is protecting the glass window which is completed with white frame color. White arched lamp with drum shaped shade light brightens the small room. In addition to the modern apartment living room interior design, the designers are also joined the kitchen besides the small living. The wooden dining table and white dining chairs are divided those rooms.

The white wall cover which is patterned in circular motif is very attractive and luxurious. It is decorated with floating wooden cabinet which is used to place the LED TV. The corner is also utilized with wooden table and white chair to work and maybe dressing up with squared mirror above it. The dining room besides the living is very complete with classic pendant light design. This makes the brown color on the wood shining and glows.

The black kitchen cabinet is fit with the black kitchen island. It is equipped with long neck faucet and maybe the embedded sink as well. The drinking chairs are attractive and they made of steel with webbed backrest. Since wall cover is black, the colorful painting which looks abstract is attached on it. The modern apartment living room ideas which are mixed with up to date furniture design seem to be precious for the owner.

Neoteric Country House Ideas with Natural Veins Exterior Coat

Who will recognize that the country house ideas are the concept of this villa? Since the whole storied building is covered with plenty of vines, it looks like an eco friendly house. Beside the green exterior, this villa is also equipped with glass room in front of it. The large courtyard is very fresh and similar with the building color. The brick paving entryway is traditional and matching with the real house color.

Vivacious Private Villa Zanon Architetti Associati Design Interior with Unique Door and Wooden Flooring Decoration Ideas

Wonderful Private Villa Zanon Architetti Associati Design Exterior with Glass Wall and Stone Tile Flooring in Outdoor Space

Amazing Private Villa Zanon Architetti Associati Design Interior in Living Room Decorated with Grey Sofa Furniture and Stone Tile Flooring Ideas

This construction is named with Private Villa and it is built in 2013. The two story villa is created in Treviso. From the building, it seems that the Italian style does not appear. Perhaps the full green cover has masked it fully. So, the country house design ideas are created by Zanon Architetti Associati. From the designer name we can recognize that the building is created by Italian people. Then they make it very complete, moreover the glass house as the facade.

The short ceiling design is covered with laminated timber material and mixed with brick flooring concept. The unfinished brick floor which is combined with smooth wood ceiling is completing each other. The grey fabric sofa with chaise faces the dark leather swivel chairs. The colorful garden bench is also arranged on this space. It is also equipped with wooden coat hook which is constructed from some wooden stick. This room looks classic with the dark orange paint color.

To make the enjoyable room, the black leather lounge chairs with footstool are added. It faces the black fireplace which is made of metal. It is hung with the slim chimney on the wooden plafond. To make it smoothen, the grey rug is applies under it. Perhaps this villa applies the farmhouse decoration on the kitchen. The millennium kitchen appliances which are created from stainless steel are up to date. The country house interior design ideas by Italian designer team are very classic-elegant.